6 Disadvantages to Colocation Web Hosting

The internet has attracted many businesses because of the impressive online numbers. In fact, 79% of Americans now shop online than in the traditional brick-and-motor store. However, for a businessperson to establish a strong online presence, they need to buy a domain name and solicit the services of a web hosting provider. Choosing a web hosting provider can be challenging, especially for small businesses, as different providers offer different hosting plans.

For small businesses, colocation may be a good option when looking for a hosting plan. It helps you substantially minimize IT costs by placing your server hardware in an outsourced data center. That means that you pay a monthly recurring fee that takes into account power, cooling, hardware security and internet connectivity.  While collocation comes with a multitude of advantages, it has a fair share of disadvantages. Here are the drawbacks to choosing colocation web hosting service:

Reasons for choosing colocation web hosting service

You may be promoted to select colocation web hosting service when your traffic has grown, and so you need a robust hardware to host your website, or your site deals with a lot of audio and video streaming, so you need more bandwidth. You may also look to use colocation web hosting when you need to host content that is not allowed by other hosting providers.

Downsides to Colocation web hosting solution

a) It’s daunting to find colocation web hosting service centers near you

For colocation web hosting service to work for you, it’s essential that their data center be situated near your business premises. This way, you will reduce the travel time and travel cost in case there is a glitch on your server that needs to be addressed. Data centers are usually located in cities close to network hubs, which can be disadvantageous if your business is located in remote locations.

b) Colocation web hosting can be costly than managed hosting

Colocation web hosting means you’ll have to pay for storage, power, internet link, cooling, hardware security and much more. You will also need to provide the software and cater for the labor cost involved in running your software. If you add up the total cost each month, you may find that managed hosting is a better alternative.

c) Colocation web hosting may direct your attention from the business

The fact that your servers are located in a different location can divide your attention to the business. For example, you may find yourself spending the least amount of time in the office traveling to and from the collocation data center just to ensure your systems are running smoothly. This can prevent you from running your business efficiently.

d) Monthly colocation hosting maintenance cost is not consistent

Colocation does not offer a stable monthly subscription. For example, if you host your website with a hosting provider such as HostGator, you pay a specific monthly fee, say $3. This fee is constant regardless of your traffic or the amoun of resources you use. With colocation web hosting, costs vary each month. For example, if you receive a large volume of traffic, you will use a lot of bandwidth and power, which means your overall expense for that month will go up. So you should do your due diligence before choosing a collocation web hosting option.

e) Maintenance of your hosting servers is your own responsibility

Unlike other hosting plans like shared hosting and dedicated hosting, collocation hosting requires that you be fully responsible for your software and hardware updates and maintenance. That means that you’ll have to hire expert maintenance staff to take care of your routine server maintenance. This can add up your costs.

f) Slow website due to shared bandwidth when it comes to colocation hosting

Because you share bandwidth with other websites in the data center, your website might experience slow load time, which is not good for business. Customers hate slow loading sites, and this could lead to massive abandonment.

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